Why We Should All Be Outfit Repeaters

Written by Frankie and Friends General Store - January 21, 2023


Less is More

Trend-based consumerism tempts us everyday to consistently adapt to changing trends, but the fundamental truth is this: less is more, especially when it comes to fast fashion and the environment! Simple and quality essentials are timeless and versatile for any look. When we own less, we spend less, and in the long run, waste less.

Keeping Up with the Trends

What is trend-based consumerism? It is when we constantly buy things based on the ever-changing styles and trends, preventing us from using a certain clothing item until it can no longer be used. Trends die out at the same pace that they emerge, creating a need for speed in its production processes. 

Social media, particularly for e-commerce, is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it has instigated into many viewers the need to keep up with what’s ‘in’, while on the other, it has also provided help in reaching millions of audiences to join the movement for more conscious consumption. As more people are becoming aware of world issues, there is an existing call for more sustainable fashion brands and purpose-driven products. 

Fast fashion as a result of trend-based consumerism is appealing because of its affordability, convenience, and stylishness. New styles are quickly picked up and mass produced at a low cost, sacrificing the quality of materials and workmanship for speed. 

When we really think about it though, sometimes the price we pay for continuing this practice is much, much larger. 

This trend of throwing away things after the first few uses, creates more waste than ever before. More than that, supporting fast fashion means contributing to unethical labor and unfair wages, that negatively impacts the lives that deserve better. Ultimately, items born from fast fashion are oftentimes poorly made, decreasing product quality and longevity, prompting us to buy even newer products consistently.


Why Stay Sustainable?

So why should we choose sustainability? Here are some of the benefits of switching to eco friendly clothing and slow fashion.

  • It’s environmental. Production of eco friendly, slow fashion saves natural resources. Slow fashion brands tend to participate in recycled fashion, sustainably sourcing fabrics and materials that bring little to no harm to our natural resources. These materials tend to also degrade well in the long run, creating less toxic waste in landfills. The production process in itself is also less wasteful and toxic, making use of less water, carbon fuel, and toxic chemicals.
  • It’s empathetic. Eco friendly and slow fashion items are usually made from small batches by people who are given proper wages and treated ethically. Conscious consumerism has increased a demand for brand transparency, making it so that companies are now encouraged to support communities through ethical labor and promotion of local goods. 
  • It’s economical. When items are produced in small batches, material quality and workmanship are expected to be top tier. These are items made to last, encouraging people to buy fewer pieces for longer use. When you really think about it, sustainable clothing brands help you save more in the long run! 
  • It’s essential. Having a few classic key staples cuts out the clutter and keeps us sticking to the essentials. When we shop essential, we add value to the items we buy, encouraging us to really think twice about its place in our wardrobe. Sustainability in fashion is another way for us to see what truly matters. 

Your Eco Friendly Wardrobe Staples

But where do we start? How do we begin building our very own minimalist and earth-friendly wardrobe? These are some tips: 

  1. Think Twice. Do you really need it? Before making any purchase, it’s good to first think about whether you really need the item or not. Then it’s time to evaluate how many uses you can get out of it; how many looks will you be able to style with this one piece of clothing? Think about it.

  2. Quality Control. Is it durable enough to last? Consider the fabric and its manufacturing. Eco friendly clothing is usually handled with care and precision, sourced from sustainable fabrics and crafted with utmost skill. It’s important to check the item for its quality to ensure that it lasts you a long, long time. 

  3. Love Local. Where is it from? Besides knowing whether products are ethically made, it’s also good to think about where the item is from, logistically. Items created locally expend less transportation energy and resources when transferring their goods, creating a smaller carbon footprint. Plus, it’s always a good thing when you’re able to support local communities! 


Now that we’ve listed a few tips on how to get started on your very own eco-friendly wardrobe transformation journey, we at Frankie & Friends would love check out some of our sustainable, slow fashion finds!


Long Silk Blend Kimono

Timeless doesn’t always have to mean plain, this Long Silk Blend Kimono is proof of that! This beautiful Baroque-inspired kimono is unique and luxurious, adding extra flair to any outfit. This slow fashion brand hand selects their fabrics from local markets around the world, ensuring top quality and care with each pick. Despite its distinctive pattern, this piece is versatile and practical, easy to match and easy to wear with its sewn in pockets. 


Silk Face Mask 

The perfect piece to complement their kimono is this Silk Face Mask. Whether chosen as an additional piece to match or as one to stand all on its own, this silk face mask comes in numerous prints in the same soft and quality fabric that the brand’s slow fashion practice is known for. Stylish and breathable, this piece is a practical and comfortable essential for everyday use.


Avery Dress

Dainty and simple, the Avery Dress is the perfect piece to dress up or down however you want! Its timeless and classy cut makes it the perfect dress for any occasion. As a piece of upcycled clothing, this dress shows dedication to circular fashion, using leftover fabrics to sustainably craft their products with the quality and craftsmanship of our Filipino tailors. Made from linen and created with a garterized back and side pockets, this piece is a go-to dress for anyone!


Tala Heels

Our pair of Tala Heels is a slow fashion staple as it is consciously created while supporting ethical production from local communities. Its hand-woven, natural fibers and integrated vegan leather soles are made to last. Versatile and sleek, the string design of these heels provides a timeless look that strikes the balance between formal and casual. Look no further for a go-to neutral pair that is sure to match any outfit without sacrificing comfort!


Pacifico Sandals

For an alternative that keeps you on-the-go, this pair of Pacifico Sandals gives a classy and chic spin on typical chunky sandals. This cream white pair is comfortable and made to last with genuine leather straps, lining, and soles. As a slow fashion find, it is ethically made and locally handcrafted by artisans in Marikina city. If you’re looking to add a more casual feel to any of your outfits, this is the pair for you!


Carina Bayong

A classic, timeless, and quality closet staple is definitely this Carina Bayong. This bag is versatile enough to match to any look, be it casual or formal, making it the perfect everyday bag. Its neutral, handwoven design is locally made by weavers in Negros. Ethical fashion is proudly showcased through the craftsmanship of Filipino makers, integrating quality in each of their products.


Cotton Linen Pajama Set 

Looking to lounge in timeless style? This Cotton Linen Pajama Set is perfect for a relaxing day in. Proudly sourced, designed, and created locally, this sustainable clothing set is classy on its own while still being versatile enough to mix-and-match with any other loungewear of choice. You can even create a fashion statement by pairing the pajama top with your favorite bottoms! 


Inabel One-Piece Swimsuit

A classic piece with a unique twist —that is the Inabel One-Piece Swimsuit! Stylish while still being timeless, this swimsuit has Inabel accents woven into its design. Much like all the other slow fashion brands, this item is carefully handwoven by a local community of weavers, sustainably and ethically made for long days at the beach. Because of its versatility, this swimsuit can even double as a bodysuit to wear anywhere else!

Go Slow for your Wardrobe

Less is more, and that means the less items we consume, the more we do for our environment. Trend-based consumerism and fast fashion has made us believe that we consistently need to update our wardrobes, making us forget about the environmental impacts they make. Creating change is never too late; when we reconsider our consumer habits, we aren’t just doing this for the environment, we are also simultaneously helping our communities, saving money, and filtering out what is truly essential. 

Frankie & Friends General Store aims to make your wardrobe transformation journey as eco friendly and convenient as possible. By providing a list of our favorite classy and timeless sustainable brands, we’re here to help you think twice, quality control, and love local when shopping for your wardrobe staples! Make the change now and browse through our slow fashion collection