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Sydney, Australia

Paddington, Sydney

Paddington is a quaint neighborhood in the Eastern Suburbs known for its long shopping strip of luxury brands and handmade goods. This community hosts local markets and known for the historic Paddington Reservoir Gardens.


Sydney, Australia

Macquarie Centre, Sydney

Macquarie Shopping Centre is home to a huge range of 360 international brands and Australian brands in one place. Surrounded by world-renowned universities and lush parks, it is one of Sydney's staple malls for locals.


Rockwell Drive

Power Plant Mall

Rockwell Center is a premium neighborhood with eleven residential towers and international offices.

The store is walking distance to several residential and commercial buildings.



SM Aura Premier

SM Aura Premier Office Tower is home to private companies and government offices.

Premium Residential Properties is walking distance to One Serendra, Two Serendra and Bonifacio High Street.



Molito Lifestyle Center

Molito is a laidback, strip-mall complex with restaurants, bars, and a park-like green space.

It is a close-knit and relaxed community with commercial buildings and residential villages.



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  1. What is the coffee of your choice?

    Oat Cappuccino

  2. What are your Christmas traditions?

    Me and my partner love to go off grid into nature.

  3. What is your Why?

    I've always felt everyone has a role to play when it comes to doing the right thing by society and the environment. When it comes to business, we can guide people to make more sustainable and ethical choices by creating products that they love.. and that doesn't always mean they need to look like a typically 'sustainable' product.

Lost Lorelei

  1. What is the coffee of your choice?

    Large soy latte

  2. What are your Christmas traditions?

    My family gets together at the beginning of December . There's not many of us so we like to share a house for two nights and laugh until we drop.

  3. What is your Why?

    I originally started my brand in another version close to 20 years ago. After working for the Body Shop first hand I got to know what customers want, can and can't use and decided to make my own range. It has morphed a few times over the years. I started seriously working on this brand a few years ago and decided to open a store. I love problem solving and in this way I can solve problems with people's skin. I create things if they can't find the product elsewhere and that is how new products are developed.

Delicious Vibrant Beauty

  1. What is the coffee of your choice?

    Latte (first thing in the morning everyday!)

  2. What are your Christmas traditions?

    We love putting up our wall-hanging Christmas tree (handmade together 3 years ago!) on the 1st December. I read a new Christmas-related picture book with my children each day this month, and we go through parts of the Christmas story from the Bible until it's time for a fun and meaningful celebration with our church family on Christmas Day!

  3. What is your Why?

    Little Balm began when I was pregnant with my first child in 2016 and learnt about the amount of toxins in our commercial skincare products that gets absorbed into the bloodstream. Because of this, I began my study of natural ingredients and slowly swapped toxic traditional skincare products with my own replacements made from clean and recognisable ingredients for my family.

    With sustainability in mind and practice, all my creations are handcrafted in small batches with 100% natural, raw and fair trade ingredients. Products are then housed in compostable or recyclable containers. We've just had our third child this year, and nothing has changed - Little Balm is still run by one pair of hands (with the occasional help of some little hands!) and one big heart. My range is here to encourage people to pause each day to breathe and care for their skin and wellbeing.

Little Balm

  1. What is the coffee of your choice?

    Oat Latte

  2. What are your Christmas traditions?

    Having a Filipino mother, Christmas is a special time of the year. A tradition we've had for years is celebrating Christmas Eve with the whole family and welcoming Christmas all together. Christmas Eve is filled with loads of food, laughter and games (lets just say we can get very competitive). Once 12am hits Christmas presents are exchanged, and more eating begins.

  3. What is your Why?

    Sculptedwax is an outlet that allows me to express my creativity and my passion for candle making. During the NSW (never-ending) lockdowns, having an 8-month-old and with mental health on the rise I needed an outlet, something just for me. I found me again through the process of candle making, which I find therapeutic.

    The name Sculptedwax was created as I wanted something more unique then just the traditional "candle in a jar". Sculptedwax brings texture and art to any space while creating the perfect calm as you enjoy the flame dance with the shadows of the night.

Sculpted Wax