12 Sustainable and Local Summer Essentials

Written by Frankie and Friends General Store - January 21, 2023

In the Summertime 

Summer is here! As a tropical country, the Philippines is known for its two climates: wet and dry. Every summer, we experience day-to-day sun —the perfect weather to go out and have some fun! 

Now that restrictions have eased, there’s a lot more opportunity for outdoor activities. Our beautiful beaches make it a must to at least visit the beach once during the summer, doing all sorts of watersports and beachside activities that make the most of the summer season. Plus, this is a good opportunity to flaunt your favorite eco conscious swimwear!

Apart from the beach, there are plenty of other outdoor activities that people can enjoy in the summer. To get your body moving, hiking and biking are some physical activities that become all the more enjoyable with good weather. With clear skies, the views can be enjoyed to their fullest during a hike or ride. Dry weather also means dry ground, making these activities safer than they would be if the ground were wet from rain. 

Going out may not be for everyone, and with the persistent heat that the Philippine summer sun brings, that’s perfectly fine. When it’s too hot outdoors, it’s still nice to unwind and take a sip of your favorite drink indoors. A taste of summer can definitely be found in the seasonal fruits found everywhere you look!

Beat the Heat

What better way to enjoy the summer than to live in it guilt-free and eco friendly? Here are some ways to beat the heat of the season while enjoying basking under unlimited sun! 

  • Make the most out of this summer in style. This summer, matching swimsuit cover ups, bright colors, and shorter summer outfits are the projected go-to looks for the season. Because of how hot it can get in the Philippines, a classic staple to have in our wardrobes is linen, or any sort of thin fabric that is breathable, easy, and comfortable for us to move in. 

  • Watch out for yourself. The summer is the perfect time to try different outdoor activities, so it’s important to always look out for ourselves. Drinking plenty of water and re-energizing with our seasonal produce is a great way to incorporate that summer feeling into our day-to-day lives. 

  • Be comfortable. As we travel to the beach, it’s best to always be prepared with our favorite ecological swimwear. From eco-friendly bikini brands, to recycled towels and sustainable swimsuits, there is a wide variety of ethically made summer essentials that merge comfort and style without sacrificing the environment. 

Here at Frankie and Friends, we want to help you pick what we think are sustainable summer must-haves. 



Batiste Long Dress

Our Batiste Long Dress is the perfect no-fuss pick for a comfortable and breezy summer day. This cute summer outfit comes in three summer colors, making it easy to slip on and match your mood. Versatile and flowy, this piece fits any occasion, whether its staying indoors, running errands, or going to the beach. Because of how timeless it is, you’ll surely be able to wear this even when the summer season has passed! 



Cielo Bikini Top & Bottom Set 

Looking for a classy high waisted swimsuit with good coverage? Our Cielo Bikini Top & Bottom (sold separately) is the staple pair you’re looking for! With its v-waist high waist band for its bottom and scoop neck top, this matching piece is sure to be flattering on all body types. Fully lined, this piece also ensures that you’re secured and comfortable without having to worry about any beach mishaps! 



Vesper Embroidered Sarong Pants

Light and versatile, our Vesper Embroidered Sarong Pants is the best ethically made choice for a simple yet unforgettable cover up. Its adjustable waist makes it flexible for all body types, giving you ability to customize it whichever way you want! The best part is, that it can even be tied into a dress or romper! Sustainability in fashion doesn’t just come from the material itself, but from the numerous ways products can be reused and repurposed. 



Linen-blend Kimono

Another piece for a cover up is our Linen-blend Kimono. The breathable and lightweight linen-cotton blend is an essential for summer in the tropics. This is perfect to use as a swimsuit cover up or as an easy piece to throw over any look. With its color selection matching the summer season, you’re sure to stay in style! 



Siargao Espadrilles

For a comfortable pair of ethical fashion, our Siargao Espadrilles is the way to go! Its adjuatble 3-way upper straps and soft-padded platform insoles provide versatility and comfort all in 1. Its platform lining is also made out of Abaca, showcasing its local craftsmanship. You can never go wrong with this reliable pair! 



Blair Amber Sunnies

Sun protection is a must during the summer, and our Blair Amber Sunnies are sure to do the trick! Made out of sustainably sourced bamboo and amber polarized lenses built in with UV protection, this pair of sunnies protects you from the sun while also protecting the environment! Sustainable fashion brands aren’t just for clothing, but for accessories too!



Woven Tropical Earrings

Every outfit needs a little something to complete the look. Our Woven Tropical Earrings might just be what that little something is. Beachwear isn’t complete without a little dressing up, so these earrings are sure to add a little bit of elegance to your tropical bohemian look. Made with natural materials, this pair also joins the list of sustainable clothing. 



Solihiya Visor

For a more sporty look, our Solihiya Visor can provide you with a little bit of shade. This classic piece is ethically made out of Solihiya Weave and Genuine Leather and Leatherette, making it sturdy and reliable for days out under the sun. Its neutral colorways also make it the perfect piece to match with any outfit. 



Lollipop Beach Bag

A good beach trip is only as good as its bag, and our Lollipop Beach Bag is the best choice to ensure that you have everything you need in your summer getaway! This eco friendly brand creates handwoven bags locally, producing top quality for the perfect beach bag. The inner is meant to be water repellant to keep your valuables dry and safe. It even has two inner pockets to store all your important things! 



Bianca Abaca Tote

For a more casual alternative, our Bianca Abaca Tote is a good piece to match with your favorite swim suit. Locally made, this bag is completely natural, made to be 100% biodegradable and chemical-free with abaca fiber. Its durability allows it to be the perfect choice to house your beach essentials while strolling along the sand! 



Fan Palm Towel

Who can forget the towels? Our Fan Palm Towel is a recycled towel made from post-consumer recycled plastic. This towel also packs small and light, making it the perfect piece to bring around everywhere. Perfect for the environment, and perfect for you! This towel can be used for multiple purposes, whether as your mat for yoga practice or as a towel to lay flat as you sunbathe by the beach!



The Unbranded Day Shield

Don’t forget your sunscreen! The Unbranded Day Shield comes from a sustainable brand aims to protect the face from the sun. This sun shield is packed with the same protection a normal sunscreen provides, reversing the effects of free radicals while still being good for the environment. 



In The Summertime

Summer is an unavoidable, staple season in the Philippines. The hot, sunny days are basically characteristic of our tropical country. Lucky for us, being under the sun gives us unlimited activities and trends to look forward to! As an archipelago booming with wildlife and natural resources, it’s only fair that we enjoy our summertime sustainably! 

Enjoy the summer and all its trends by using ecological swimwear and sustainable swimsuits by browsing through our sustainable and eco-friendly collection!