Our Role in This Crisis

Written by Frankie and Friends General Store - January 21, 2023

With the current outbreak of COVID19, it is natural to feel overwhelmed, anxious, helpless, and even feel afraid. While fear and uncertainty may persist, all the more now we are called to unite, and to find strength and hope knowing that one thing is certain: we can all take part and do something positive to provide relief in the midst of crisis to those who may need it the most. 

If you’d like to give donations and make a difference without having to leave your home, here’s a summary of some relief initiatives that anyone can take part in to help our front liners, patients, everyday workers, underprivileged communities, small business owners, and anyone who has been greatly affected by the spread of this virus. 

  1. To help our front liners and patients:
    1. You can donate to The Kaya Natin! Movement, in coordination with the Office of the Vice President, to provide Personal protective equipment (PPE) and care/food packs to them. Click here to make a donation: A Donation and Fundraising Campaign for Health Workers Fighting COVID-19
    2. You may also donate to Salamat PH Healthcare Heroes to provide nourishing meals for front line healthcare workers. For donations, you may visit their Facebook Page: Salamat PH Healthcare Heroes
  2. To assist our Grocery, Drugstore, Convenience Store employees and health workers that struggle with daily transportation, you may donate to Life Cycles PH to lend bikes or donate cash for bikes to help our front liners get to work. For more information and to make a donation, click this link: Life Cycles PH
  3. To help vulnerable families, medical workers, and everyday workers whose source of income is earned on a daily basis, you may donate to World Vision in the Philippines to provide them with sanitation and disinfectant kits, basic Personal Protective Equipment, and temporary income to most vulnerable families through unconditional Cash Distribution. Click here for more information and to make a donation: Humanitarian Response | Donate COVID-19 Emergency Health Response
  4. To donate to our underprivileged communities, you may donate to Caritas Manila, Inc. to provide Caritas LIGTAS COVID-19 kits and Manna FOOD bags to urban poor families, inmates, elderly, among others in Metro Manila. Make a donation and learn more about this initiative by clicking this link: Caritas Manila 
  5. To assist our small business owners, who rely on continuous support from the community to sustain their businesses, let us continue to show our support by pre-ordering products from them during this time. 

These are the people who need our assistance now more than ever. Let us remind each other of our ability to do good for those in need, and to be living proof of hope in trying times, as it is when we come together and work fiercely to support our people, that our community is truly able to rise above adversity and flourish.  

For more details on how to donate, you may visit the link below: