Making the Small Things Count

Written by Frankie and Friends General Store - January 21, 2023

Now that September is coming to a close, and the new year is fast approaching,  it is easy to get worked up with how 2020 has been, especially with all the uncertainty and fear that still hovers over us. But even though things aren't quite back to normal yet, we can still find ways to make every day count. 

Here’s a few little things to focus on to help you shift your perspective when the weight of the world is all too much. When life feels a bit too heavy, it's okay to start small. 

1. Hearty Mornings

Start with gratitude every morning -- for another day, however it may be, you are here and you matter. It is important to begin the day well by feeding your body and soul with all things good and healthy. You may want to kickstart your morning with a hearty bowl of yogurt, top it off with all-natural granola and sip on your favorite cup of coffee or cold brew.  Spraying some of your favourite scents in your room also helps uplift your mood for the rest of the day. 

Hazelnut mocha cold brewHomemade Greek Yogurt All-natural granolaBeach Escape room spray

 Shop Hazelnut Mocha Cold BrewHomemade Greek Yogurt, All-Natural GranolaBeach Escape Room Spray 


2. Move with Grace

Whether it’s doing light stretches, an empowering yoga pose, a favorite dance break, or if possible, a socially-distanced walk with a friend,  the little moves count. Though the way we travel may be a little different and a bit challenging in the new normal, we can still find ways to move with grace. No matter how we’re feeling today, whether you feel tired, lost or frustrated, take the first step. Wear the most flattering sportswear and sweat it out! 

Tangerine workout set - sports bra and shortsLilac workout set - sports bra and leggings

Try on these matching workout sets for your next workout. 

3. The Ability to Create  

Being stuck at home can feel limiting, but we all still have the ability to create no matter where we are. Maybe we can start with a handmade knit/crochet blanket or finally embarking on our Plantita journey and set-up a little plant corner in our rooms.  There’s something therapeutic about creating a new habit, a new hobby or skill. The possibilities are endless. Continue finding joy in your creations. 

TIP: For Plantitas and Plantitos, don’t forget to say 10 nice words to your plant everyday for extra luck. 

Plant and garden kitsSummer Cotton yarnPlant Terrarium

4. A New Point of View

From rearranging our rooms with new accent pieces to organizing our work-from-home space, sometimes changing things up a little bit makes a huge impact on our lives as it shifts our point of view. Add some calming local art, a macrame plant hanger, handcrafted planters that can be used as a pen holder, or even add a statement rug to brighten up your living space. 

Mykonos style rugSurya Art Print with frameHand-painted plantersMacrame double plant hanger


5. The Joy in Rest 

For however your day, your week, your month has been, end on a high note by putting your mind at ease with good rest. Some days may be harder than others. But that only means that brighter days will come around too. You don’t need to have everything figured out. Perhaps you really never will have it all figured out. But we can still take comfort in knowing that even if things don’t always go according to plan, we can still find joy in the little things that are right under our noses.  Put on your comfiest pjs, light your favorite candle, and enjoy your time for rest. 

Artisanal soy wax blend candle


Sending light and love to anyone who may need it. 


Rocio 🌸


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I’m Rocio - proud Dog Mama to 2 Golden Retriever fur-babies: Roger and Ella. I love practicing yoga, playing tennis, baking sweet treats, and socially-distanced walks with friends. Small things like listening and dancing to feel-good music, sharing meals with family, zoom sessions with friends, and watching K-Dramas are the few simple joys that have been my source of comfort and strength during quarantine.

Feel free to message me at about your daily routines or the small things that bring joy and meaning to your life, especially during this time. We can all learn from each other and find ways to make the small things count. Stay safe and well.