Love, Frankie: A Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Written by Frankie and Friends General Store - January 21, 2023

Valentine's day gift idea

How to give the best Valentine’s gifts

It’s the season…. or shall we say, the weekend for gift-giving. The holiday season may have just ended, but the spirit of gift-giving surely hasn’t. Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity for you to shower your loved ones with sincerity and affections yet again. Whether it’s something sweet like a box of chocolates or something more sentimental like a personalized gift, it’s the time for you to put your creative hat on and think of amazing Valentine’s gifts for him and her. 

Though not all of us are gifted with the intuition of knowing what our loved ones want, being able to pick out items or experiences that the people most special to us will adore us is a skill that can definitely be taught and learned. If you’re feeling a little wary about how sharp your gift-giving intuition is, here are a few essential tips that can help you master the tricky science of being a good gift-giver:


best valentines gifts for her


Plan your gifts in advance

The first trick is planning your gift-giving expenditures in advance. From determining who gets a gift to selecting the gift that’s best for them, each step of the process needs ample time and thought. For a more organized and enjoyable gift-giving experience, having enough time is essential to wind down the pressure that comes with this wonderful (and sometimes stressful) tradition. 

It may be wise for you to limit your gift spending to people within your inner circle, or to people whom you haven’t reached out to in awhile. Adequate budget-setting is also key, so you know which places to look for and what offers to look away from. The most crucial part of planning in advance, however, is giving yourself enough time to learn about what your gift-receivers will like. 


Focus on what they want  

The second key to becoming a brilliant gift-giver is knowing who your recipient is, particularly what their wants are. Focusing too much on the type of person you assume the gift-receiver is may lead you to gloss over what they actually want, which is a small bit of knowledge that may require greater but assuredly valuable insight on your behalf. 

Making someone’s perceived needs the fundamental basis of your gift-giving process can result in frustration for both parties, because practical needs don’t necessarily overlap with other emotional and social needs that may stem from other kinds of gifts. Being more purposeful with your gifts can also reduce the literal waste that follows gift-giving, because gifts that serve little utility (for whatever reason) often end up as clutter or as things to be disposed of. 


Go for sentimental, not superficial

The last key is to dig deep into our gift-receiver’s personal and discover those sentimental, heartstring-tugging gifts they will truly cherish. This is one of the most cost-effective ways of gift-giving, as customized gifts are often mementos that are symbolic of experiences you and your gift-receiver share.

It’s an opportunity for you to be crafty and resourceful, like putting together old photos, movie tickets, and notes into a scrapbook to represent years of friendship. Exerting a little more effort into making sure your gift is meaningful and represents something of emotional value can yield more enthusiasm and gratitude from the gift-receiver. As the old saying goes, it’s the thought that counts, so take the risk and get creative!

best valentines gifts for her


How gift-giving can help build better bonds

Gift-giving is a straightforward way of nurturing ties with the people around us. Knowing that healthier, happier relationships can arise from gift-giving can also fuel our enjoyment of this special tradition. Giving gifts is one of the easiest ways of showing someone that we care, and going the extra mile to be astute gifters can definitely prove how well we understand and have our loved ones’ best interests at heart. Buying gifts with the intent of cheering someone up is a simple but powerful act that can strengthen our interpersonal relationships, and also infuse the activity of gift-giving with more meaning and affection. 

The fast-approaching Valentine’s weekend is yet another opportunity to reaffirm our dedication to the people we love, and if you’re aiming to give presents that are beautiful, functional, and made to be treasured for a lifetime, Frankie has a vast array of sustainable and ethical brands whose items can meet the diverse wants of all types of people. Our product offerings are anything but generic, and can be impressive Valentine gift ideas that hold much potential to be sweet and sincere statements of love.

Sustainable Valentine’s Day shopping with Frankie goods 

For your single friends

valentine's gift box


Pamper Your Bestfriend Box

What's a better way to show your love and affection for your single besties than sending them a care package on Valentine’s day? The Pamper Your Bestfriend Box is a collection of purposeful pieces for your sacred skin-care rituals. Having no dates on the day of hearts is no biggie, all you need to do is in this valentine’s gift, call up your besties and indulge in a girl’s night by doing skincare. 

Rose Lip Therapy with SPF 15

Have all your single ladies pucker up with the Rose Lip Therapy with SPF15! Investing in natural, high-quality lip care can make your lips look pretty and plump, minus the cosmetic product. Made with all-organic cinnamon leaf, cocoa seed, sunflower oil, and shea butter, this little balm can keep your lips hydrated and protected, while smoothing out fine lines to keep your smile looking radiant and youthful.

Mindfulness Planner

Goals and resolutions are much easier to accomplish with a cheerleading system by your side, and this Valentine’s Day is your chance to give your friends a token of your support! Our Mindfulness Planner is a gentle yet effective way of encouraging your loved ones to build better habits that can steadily guide them onto a path of happiness, peace, and success. Each page is a gift in itself, passing onto the reader their daily dose of inspiration and a safe space to practice gratitude and openness. 

For your mom and dad

sustainable fashion


Beach Tote

Assisting with daily errands is a very underrated mother-daughter pastime, which is why our Beach Tote can be the perfect sustainable item for you two to bond over. Made from jutesack and genuine leather, its light feel and durability makes it practical for mall and grocery runs. Go from store-to-store and aisle-to-aisle with this stylish and functional tote that has an automatic place in any mother’s bag collection. Don’t forget to get your valentine’s gift wrapped! Head over to Frankie’s gift wrapping services to get the prettiest wrap with sustainable packaging.

Trento Slim Wallet

No-frills and no-fuss Trento Slim Wallet, only for the barest essentials. It’s perfect for hustlers who are always on-the-go, which is the kind of description any hard working parent fits snugly into. Made from genuine Italian leather and designed with 5 card slots, your dad will surely appreciate this wallet for its sleek look and understated functionality.

Coffee Press Gift Set

For early risers like our moms and dads, making sure that they start their morning on a perfect note is one way of setting the trajectory of their day for liveliness and success. Our Coffee Press Gift Set is a convenient starter pack for any morning person. It includes one 250g pack of Kahawa Sug coffee grounds and one 600ml French Press for easy and immediate brewing. 

For your significant other 

ethically made jewelry


Blue Waves Wooden Watch 

With the Blue Waves Wooden Watch, your partner will never have to be late for another date. Ethically made from native leadwood and embossed with a brilliant blue sodalite stone dial, this eco-friendly watch sits pretty on the wrist and is an immediate, timeless accessory that you can always count your partner to wear.

Handcrafted necklace

Make your partner feel extra special with our Handcrafted Necklace. Ethically crafted and designed by women with stories of hope and light, this minimalist piece carries powerful stories and sends your loved one an equally thoughtful message. It comes in a beautiful range of soft gold styles to complete and complement any outfit well. 

Honeymoon gift box

Here’s a Valentine’s gift idea that will surely tingle the senses. Our Honeymoon Gift Box contains one 7oz Honeymoon Candle, infused with Lilac, Pink Pepper, Amber, and Tombacco, a candle postcard, and a lovely dried flower arrangement to perfume your surroundings with the most wonderful amalgamation of different scents.

The perfect gift

At its core, giving gifts is simply a concrete, material display of showing the people we love that we care and look out for them. It shouldn’t be so stressful to the point that you are averse to it, nor should it incur so much loss and disappointment that you’re disillusioned with participating in the activity forever. 

Many people are daunted by giving gifts because of the trial-and-error process that comes with getting to the root of what our loved ones want and desire, but the best part of it all is carving out more time to truly bond and reconnect with others. While Valentine’s Day is the designated time of the year to go all out on lavish gifts or experiences, it’s important to keep in mind that what your friends, family, and partner will truly appreciate are gifts that come from the heart.

Luckily for you, Frankie makes finding gifts that are both ethical in design and appealing to your loved one’s preferences so much easier. Find the perfect Valentine’s day gift for your loved ones by looking through our Gift Guide Collection!