Don't forget to breathe. 🌾

Written by Frankie and Friends General Store - January 21, 2023

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Don't Forget to Breathe.

Have you been holding your breath for better news these past few months?

If you are like any of us, I want you you to know that being a little overwhelmed with everything going on around us this year is probably the only normal thing right now. Waking up to uncertain times is hard, especially when you're going through it alone. A big part of that anxiety is because of the lack of control we have over what comes next. So here are a few things that help me embrace slow living and realize that maybe control was never there in the first place so we can come to terms with the beauty of the present. Exhale. You are going to be okay. 

1. Feel Nature

Take off your shoes and set up a space in your garden or balcony where you can can do a light stretch while touching and smelling plants and flowers. Take back your mind from the what ifs, to what you can actually see, feel, and touch right in front of you. It will bring you to the present moment, and help you enjoy the little things.

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2. Inhale Goodness

Dwell on the positive. With so much noise taking up our mental space, take every thought captive and focus on what is good. Know you are loved, taken care of, and never alone. Supplement it with lowering your stress hormones by inhaling all-natural essential oils that help you relax and believe that good things are coming your way.

Tip: The Scent of Sweet Orange brings about a positive mood and relieves anxiety
Enjoy slow living by adding hints of natural essential oils to your day by using a diffuser, or creating your own oil blends with any carrier oil.


3. Take a Warm Shower

While saunas and hot tubs may be closed, try to linger and decompress by taking longer showers. If you have a tub or a basin, you can also soak your feet in these pink himalayan and charcoal bath bombs. This makes for good detoxification of mind and body.

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4. Write it Down

Jotting down your thoughts can really help ease anxiety. When you put your thoughts into writing, there's a sense of releasing and lifting up to prayer. Hope is something instilled in all of us. Let's take this time to pause and reflect on who we actually put our faith in these trying times. We might just end up finding real Joy and contentment, one that isn't bound to our circumstances.

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5. Change it Up

Put on your best-looking self and chat with your friends over a video call, Sometimes self-isolating can make you forget about taking care of you, and how you look. Put on that dress you've been saving for your night out, spray on your most expensive perfume, glam it up with a little sparkle and a glass of wine. Celebrate light and easy conversations with your best friends to give you that inner glow boost you need.

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Whatever your choices for self-care may be, know that you are wonderful and ready for such a time as this. You are not alone in the struggle. Have a restful weekend ahead.

Jammy 🎇

P.S Send me an email at if you ever want to chat about how you're coping with 2020, and if you have any suggestions as to what you want to read or see in Frankie and Friends General Store. 

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