11 Local Women-Founded Brands to Look Out For This Women’s Month

Written by Frankie and Friends General Store - January 21, 2023

Celebrating Women!

Who run the world? Girls! This month, it’s all about celebrating women! Women’s history has had its ups and downs through the journey for equality, and as women’s rights have made serious progress over the years, slowing down from celebrating women isn’t an option. Let’s show our support for our women empowerment today!


Philippine Women in Business

In the Philippines, women are known to be the ‘Ilaw ng Tahanan’, or the light of the home, but who’s to say they can’t take up space outside their homes as well? Women-owned businesses are now on the rise, with more women being the image of leadership in companies both big and small. Talk about some serious women empowerment!


Still, despite growing opportunities for women entrepreneurs, there are still setbacks specific to gender biases. More than the expected financial and operational constraints of starting a business, women face cultural and institutional challenges that still persist in a male-dominated world. Women in developing countries are against even greater odds. 



A Step for Mother Nature

All roads lead back to mother nature, and as the word states, women also play a vital role in environmental care. Women are active agents in the conservation and restoration of our natural resources. Throughout the years, many women have stepped-up to become leaders that provide a different perspective in managing and improving sustainable living and reducing environmental impact for the present and future. 


Some effects of environmental damage directly and specifically affect women alone too. When unsustainable processes and materials are used for the production of goods, harmful chemicals can first-hand affect women’s reproductive health. Because of these concerns, women are able to better craft solutions for the problems they can personally relate to.


Products created for women by women provide a different perspective for its overall functionality and look. The design and purpose of a product becomes more meaningful, tapping into usage that spans more than single-use —creating a positive impact to our world as a whole. 


The Strength of A Woman

As mentioned in our previous article, sustainable living holds many forms; one of them is ethical labor in the workplace. One can say that the historical plight for equal treatment in the workplace parallels that of the silent but enduring plea for environmental care. Part of moving towards sustainable goals involves ethical labor, which includes an inclusive workspace that is cultivated to be both productive and nurturing for and by women. 


Here at Frankie & Friends General Store, we advocate for sustainable living, ethically made products, and supporting Local. This National Women’s Month, we’d like to uplift women by highlighting these 11 women-founded local and eco friendly brands that you’re sure to love! 


Masabel Iloco

Masabel Iloco is a sustainable fashion brand that ensures each piece is unique yet versatile, promoting a culture and craft that has been handed down from generation to generation. Another perfect fit for the summer is Masabel Iloco’s Sofia Set. This beautiful red number is a combination of sustainable linen and handwoven inabel fabric that is locally crafted by Ilocano weavers. You’ll definitely turn heads with this one! 


TAYO Collective

TAYO Collective’s products are locally hand crafted by women artisans who were bravely rescued from sex trafficking and other harsh realities across asia. It is the goal of TAYO to highlight beauty in freedom and hope by being an ethical brand that provides opportunities to those who deserve it. Dainty and delicate, TAYO Collective’s Malaya Necklace is a pretty Philippine pearl piece for anyone looking to add a simple accessory to your daily looks. 


INNÉ Studios

Keeping old traditions relevant, INNÉ Studios aims to breathe new life into traditional pieces by recreating them into modern-day essentials. Their Sia Shopper Tote is the perfect pick for everyday! Locally and ethically made through handwoven rattan in solihiya pattern, this tote bag is sturdy and roomy enough to house all your needs. 



From a small business of handcrafted earrings to bringing up her own line of clothing, JeanJaquet is one of our women-founded brands who creates ethically made tailored pieces using sustainable quality linen and other fabrics. With a wide selection of its classy island wear pieces, every piece is sure to be a versatile day-to-night outfit. We particularly love this timeless Tulip Ribbon Dress piece that is locally sewed by hand and is perfect for special occasions. 


Una Ricci

Una Ricci is a slow fashion brand proudly made in the Philippines by supporting local communities.This sophisticated yet playful top in particular is hand loomed by a community of women in Abra. Looking for two looks in one? Look no further, because Una Ricci’s Kantarines Stripes Reversible Top is sure to be a good pick! The best part? It’s reversible! 


Locally made with premium and sustainable linen, the coords are perfect to keep you cool and active in our tropical climate. This quality piece is ethically made by women for women, being inclusive by ensuring to complement all body types, big or small. For an outfit to use on-the-go, Bonita’s Mariana Terno is an excellent choice! 


Bare Essentials Manila

From a passion project to a home essential. Bare Essentials’ creates its products free from chemicals, making them a sustainable and eco friendly brand in the long run. Customize your room to fit your daily mood through Bare Essentials’ Room & Linen Spray. The variety of scents are 100% locally handcrafted in small batches, providing plenty of options to fit your daily mood! 


Karisma ni Maria

 Karisma ni Maria participates in Circular fashion, recycling what would typically be considered as waste products to create each of their pieces, repurposing and reusing items to achieve sustainable goals.  Each piece of Karisma ni Maria’s jewelry is uniquely and locally handcrafted in the Philippines. Check out these Handcrafted Acrylic Petal Earrings, a perfect final touch to elevate any look! 


Knitting Expedition

One of our favorite meaningful must-haves, Knitting Expedition creates warm and cuddly knitted stuffed animals, pillows and more through the loving hands of mothers who tend to the rice terraces in Ifugao. Ethically made with love, these Knitted Throw Pillows are sure to fuel your escapism through its inspiration from mountain designs. Each purchase made supports the livelihood of our local communities.


Andanté Footwear

Andantè’s products are timeless and versatile, made with 100% genuine leather and soft breathable insoles that prevent sweat. All of their products are sustainably, locally and ethically made by practicing fair trade. Let’s go on a walk! Andanté Footwear’s Cocktail Sportif Sandals is the perfect sport-sandal inspired fit for a nice stroll under the afternoon sun! 


Great Women

Girlboss activated! Great Women’s Dayang Jacket does just what their brand is called: make you feel like a great woman through women empowerment! Each jacket is uniquely and locally handcrafted with the stories of the women who weave them. This jacket is a great choice for a stylish flare on top of a typical corporate outfit. Just as it’s sure to empower you, each purchase will also support and strengthen the women in their supply chain.

Bringing Women Forward Through Sustainability

Women empowerment and sustainability are heavily connected. The trajectory of women’s rights history parallels that of the now increasing call for ethical and environmental sustainability. This shared struggle has interwoven the roles women play in achieving the goals of improving our world; they are now a vital agent in creating movements and initiatives geared towards positive environmental and workplace impact. The field of business is challenging on its own, but women entrepreneurs are proving to be pioneers in setting the standards for tackling problems beyond corporate. 


Supporting local and ethical businesses is a step towards more sustainable living. We can take this a step even further by supporting women who support these same ideals; by choosing women-founded businesses, we are providing even more opportunities for greater positive environmental impact. 

Frankie & Friends General Store aims to make shopping sustainable brands convenient for everyone, providing insights and selections on available options. We’ve curated this list of ethical, sustainable, and local women-founded brands to join this month’s initiative of women empowerment. Check out our selection of women-founded brands today!