10 Filipino Sustainable Brands You've Never Heard of

Written by Frankie and Friends General Store - January 21, 2023

Sustainability in the world of retail.

With the fast-paced world we live in, we sometimes forget to take things slow, even with the items we shop for online. We’ve all been there before: a slow day in quarantine leads us to online shopping just to get a bit of thrill in our lives. Retail therapy has been the case for a while and with the rise of fast fashion, it would be wise for us to double take what we add to our carts. 

Likewise, sustainable fashion isn’t just a trend, but a lifestyle and a business practice we as a community must work towards. There are plenty of misconceptions about what sustainability is, but at its core, sustainability is understanding that resources are finite, and taking conscious steps in our consumer habits can possibly make the world a better place for future generations.

Anyone can take a step into sustainable shopping. There are many ways to contribute to this movement and it includes supporting small businesses that produce less environmental footprint than big corporations, or upcycling and recycling items instead of splurging on new ones, and choosing items that were meaningfully handmade by our local communities.

In the end, sustainability is an umbrella that’s made up of different aspects. This includes saving our oceans, fighting climate change and more. It may even call for more favorable labor systems that are ethical and humane, in order to safeguard the well-being of the hands that craft the things we love. Sustainability transcends the simplicity of eco-consciousness. 


A place for meaningful must-haves.

If you’ve stumbled across our website hoping to purchase something that can soothe your soul, we hope you too can be comforted by the values we hold close to our heart as well. Frankie and Friends advocates for being intentional and conscious in the way that we, as a community, consume things. 

We are a community that desires to uplift small-batch creators by giving them a platform for their creations and passion projects to be appreciated by the public, and practice our shopping habits that are centered on value, purpose, and long-term use. Frankie and Friends is a marketplace for meaningful must-haves and to achieve this ideal, we curate and select our partner brands, who all exhibit our thrust for environmental sustainability and sustainable living


Meet the makers from Frankie General Store!

We’ve got plenty of ethical brands to show-and-tell, and millions of reasons why you shouldn’t miss out on them. Each brand offers a unique and sincere proposition for either the environment, local communities, and the preservation of our heritage and culture through design.

So if you’re looking for affordable sustainable clothing or the right items to begin your sustainability journey, we’ve wrote down some of our favorite eco-friendly and slow fashion brands from Frankie General Store. 


And again

And Again is a purveyor of upcycled fashion and ethical clothing made from flour sacks, deadstock fabric, and textile waste, and it’s definitely a brand for those who want to wear their advocacy for sustainability loud and proud. Among their most audacious creations is their Bella Upcycled Skirt, which is handmade by skilled seamstresses entirely from flour sacks. 


The Loom Project

Using handwoven textiles and embroidery from local communities, The Loom Project is a slow fashion brand that hopes to honor Filipino heritage and help preserve the art of Filipino weaving. If you’re someone who celebrates the unique things Filipino culture can put forward, this brand is undoubtedly the one for you. Among their many beautiful products is the Amanda Mules, which is handwoven by the Itneg weavers of Abra. All profits from the brand help provide livelihood and looms for indigenous Filipino weaving communities. 



Orias Studios

Orias Studios is a brand dedicated to promoting local artisans, handcrafted works, and eco-conscious practices through encouraging creative collaboration and ethical production, circularity, and societal profit. A progressive and slow fashion brand that celebrates Filipino design and inventiveness, their Solihiya Hammock bag is made of 100% genuine leather, accented with solihiya texture, and seeks to be your premium everyday bag.



Wenya is the most inspiring example of a small brand made and sustained by big dreams. From producing a single-style native bag, Wenya’s sustainable clothing collection has evolved to include an impressive line of items that marries fashion and passion for all things local. Our pick from Wenya is their Una Inabel Jacket, with its drop shoulder and over the wrist silhouette is an instant slimming wardrobe staple. Wear it with jeans or trousers for that casual look. Wear it over your dress or pair it with pleated or velvet skirt for a glam holiday look.




If you value creativity and resourcefulness, Halinahin is the brand for you! Halinahin creates a stunning range of handcrafted, eco-friendly papers that are carefully and ethically made from cooked abaca pulp. Their Handmade Square Abaca Papers are designed with abaca fibers, cogon grass, or other leaves such as bamboo, acacia, and kakawate. All made by hand, no piece is identical, ensuring that each purchase is unique to you. 


Sun Space

Sun Space marries mindfulness with sustainability, offering 100% biodegradable yoga mats  made with beautifully intricate designs. Made mainly of cork, their Balance Cork Mat is a stellar example of integrating sustainability with functionality in our habits. Sun Space is a sustainable activewear brand for those who seek consistency in all aspects of their practice, from how they can take care of their body to the tools used for it. 


Kura Designs

Kura Designs is a local brand that offers ethically made and sourced furniture. If you’re looking to add native, minimalist accents to your home’s interior design set-up, Kura Designs has all your sustainable living needs covered. We highlight the Gabi Side Table, an ultra-portable and functional homeware essential, which is made of real ash wood and features a detachable rattan base with collapsible metal legs. 



Little Big Help PH

Little Big Help PH is a small business that advocates for implementing sustainability into our daily lives, by offering eco-friendly alternatives to everyday products such as toothbrushes, straws, and facial care. It’s a great starter brand for those who want to make the switch and transition to a more sustainable lifestyle, step by step. Our pick from them is the Multi-pocket Canvas Market Bag, which is designed with multiple pockets inside, making it perfect for organizing various items and lessening both plastic and paper packaging with every purchase!




Tara is a Filipino lifestyle brand committed to making conscious and sustainable fashion pieces for people with the same passion for a mindful yet stylish lifestyle. Born from a love of adventure and local pieces, Tara works with local bag makers and shoemakers to create timeless designs that celebrate Filipino artistry and weaving. Start with the Sinaya Platforms, which is ethically  made from hand-braided and hand-dyed jute fiber and genuine leather straps and insoles. High quality, handmade, and totally ethical.




Damgo Studio

Damgo Studio is a sustainable brand and design studio that promotes innovation through circular design and localism. We recommend their Sumilon Toe Bag, which is handwoven with love by skilled artisans from Cebu. Ethically made from upcycled discarded materials and inspired by our country’s exotic marine line, unique rock formations, and lush tropical forests, it’s definitely a piece that screams love for country and culture. 


A step to better tomorrows.

Supporting locals is one of the ways we can incorporate sustainability and consciousness into our everyday lives. By intentionally shopping from brands that advocate for small-batch creation, an appreciation for arts and crafts, and the welfare of skilled local and indigenous talent, we too can become more mindful consumers. 


Frankie & Friends hopes to make sustainable shopping easy and accessible to the majority, by providing our customers with new perspectives on and options for  conscious consumption. That’s why we created this list of ethical clothing and sustainable living brands, for you to kickstart your journey and show some love to the creators who have been passionately making things that have great artistic, local, and environmental value. Check out our vast range of sustainable and eco-friendly items today!