Kamalayan Organic Loose Leaf Tea
Kamalayan Organic Loose Leaf Tea
Kamalayan Organic Loose Leaf Tea
Kamalayan Organic Loose Leaf Tea

    Kamalayan Organic Loose Leaf Tea

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      Kamalayan - a state of awareness by the mind of itself and of the world.
      • Our Kamalayan range is a small batch organic infusion of loose leaf tea.
      • Sourced from growers around the world, we hand-blend and hand-package each product here in Sydney, Australia to ensure that you receive only the freshest quality teas.
      Available blends:
      Japanese Genmaicha is blended with toasted rice kernels, so you get all the grassy sweetness of green Sencha, plus the nutty, popcorn-esque coziness of brown rice. Some green teas can be bitter and sharp, but Genmaicha tea is mellow and warm, stacked with healing antioxidants like carotenoids and ascorbic acid.
      When drunk regularly, it can help drain toxins, boost the immune system, lower blood pressure and help prevent some cancers (thanks to natural catechins). It’s as close as tea gets to a big bowl of chicken soup. Easy on the tummy, soothing on the soul.
      Ingredients: Certified Organic Green Tea & Roasted Brown Rice
      Sencha Green Tea has been cherished for centuries as a tool to aid weight loss, lower bad cholesterol, keep bacterial and viral infections at bay, and even slow the visible signs of ageing.
      Throw a little peaches and cream into the mix, and you’ve got a recipe dreams are made of. After the sencha leaves are carefully picked and steamed to perfection, our tea is blended with real peach pieces and all-natural flavouring.
      This delightful drink makes for the perfect morning pick-me-up or an afternoon wind-down treat. Peaches are loaded with antioxidants and nutrients, and cream is a natural source of Vitamins A, D, K, and E. This sweet-as-sugar tea makes a healthy addition to your day, AM or PM.
      Ingredients: Organic Chinese Sencha Green Tea, Peaches, and Natural Flavouring. Serving suggestion: 1-2 teaspoons per cup of water at 80°c for 1-2 minutes.
      Serving suggestion: Add 1-2 teaspoons and steep gently in 75-80ºC water until the brew turns sunshine yellow.
      Elixir is a careful blend of hibiscus and lemongrass, Elixir is a gift from nature. It is packed with antioxidants, and has been found to lower blood pressure and promote liver health. Enjoy a fresh cup of Elixir tea any time of the day, but many love it as an after-dinner treat to absorb extra unwanted fats from a meal.
      Hibiscus is rich in powerful antioxidants and may therefore help prevent damage and disease caused by the buildup of free radicals. Drinking this tea daily is a great way to help weight loss, as hibiscus contains phenolic compounds and flavonoids that can help to regulate the genes involved in lipid metabolism, boosting fat elimination.
      Lemongrass relieves bloating and contains the inflammation-fighting compounds that help prevent infection.
      Ingredients: Dried hibiscus and lemongrass
      Serving suggestion: Brew 1-2 teaspoons per cup of freshly boiled water (100ºc) and steep for about 5 minutes.