Handmade phone case with full orange design


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This is a handmade phone case collection from Backyard.

Each design is a one-of-kind creation featuring many lovely details.

Made with a variety of different flowers and fruit like Rose, Daisy, Orange etc depending on the season of flowers and fruits.

Please be aware that the color and the size may slightly differ from the picture due to the nature of flowers and fruits. We try to keep the beauty of each unique piece and we only dispatch the products we love.


Product Details

Our phone cases are made with mixed material, back with hard plastic for a bit protection, while the edge is using flexible silicone material, so you can easily fit the phone in the case.

The edge is slightly higher than the phone, however, all our handmade phone cases do not come with an extra bumper, as the phone cases with extra bumpers are too thick for attaching pressed flowers and fruits.

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