Whom Handmade Nordic Candle




Inspired by the smell and colours of the icelandic landscape, the pentagon shaped candle mimics the contours of the majestic rugged nordic glaciers in a simplistic yet abstract form.

Hand made from carnauba wax which is a type of vegan wax obtained from the leaves of a brazilian palm tree.

The candle is designed to bring the perfect mood and scent to your home, either as a decorative accessory or to be lit as candle. If you decide to light the candle, please follow our care instructions.

Available in 2 nordic colours and scents:

+Fjara (black) - cedarwood, sandalwood & geranium

+Sandur (grey) - forest, pepper & vetiver

Burning time: approximately 8-10 hours

Dimension: H: 11.5cm x W: 6.5cm

Each piece is hand made with precision and care.

Due to the nature of the hand making process, in some cases, there may be slight imperfections and variations to the size and colour. We believe this is the beauty and uniqueness behind each bespoke handmade piece and should not be seen as faulty.

Please note that colours may vary slightly from the photos

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